December 28, 2012

Palestine Oh Gaza/ Blogging skill Day 12 MHI12

Its fasting time! Today for the first time we all fasted together. Abang Deen woke us up with the speaker and we've never seen so many people waking up at once. The morning was followed by Qiyam, Sahoor, Fajr Prayers and aerobics.

We would be lying if we said our first slot was not filled with tears. Ummi Ramlah shared with us about Palestine and in addition Aqsa Syarif. she informed us the importance of Masjid Al-Aqsa and the latest updates of the occurances in Gaza. We went on to discussing about boycotting the corporations who sponsors the Zionists, including Mc'Donalds. She made sure that we undersand that boycotting these corporations is not to make them bankrupt but it is so they change their policies.

*ummi Ramlah yang kami sayangi*

Moreover, we were shown heartbreaking videos of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, fighting  for their lives and Islam some of them as young as newborn babies. They are forver in our heart and Du'a InsyaAllah..

"Ya Allah, give them protection and strength they need to win." To those reading this, lets do as much as possible to make this happen. Allah has promised us victory and hence, victory will regain. Ameen Ya Rabbbal Alamin...while in the evening we made an activity related to gaza. Its so exciting!

*flashmob in making*

*Palestine video!*


We ended the day with Abang Azree as the presenter of the Topic "Penulisan Blog". He gave us tips on how to search ideas for topics and how to make our blog more attractive and enjoyable to read by others.

Its amazing how we its already been 10 days but we are grateful that those days have been filled with so much knowledge and good times with our friends, Wallahualam.

<3 Intisaar Kamilah Binti Budiman <3

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