December 21, 2012

Teenagers and Revolution / Dangers of Smoking -Day 6 MHI 12'

It was a usual morning for us, cold and early. but we knew that the day would still be full of suprises with lots more to learn. Instead of marching out in the field, we did aerobics in our common hall. Our shoes were not dry from the day before and aerobics was an exhilarating alternative.

*meet our adopted cat! miiiaaaawwww!*

*Gelombang Keadilan-- Shoutul Harokah-

Afterwards came our first slot 'Seerah: Teenagers and Revolution'. We had the honour of having ustaz Kamal azhari who is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia.  It was beyond interesting and relevant to us MHI participants. Ustazd kamal taught us the characteristics of an Islamic Revolution and the factors required to fulfill these characteristics. We are definitely inspired by this talk, to become the young Khalifas needed in this world today. As explained by Ustadz kamal, teenagers are one of the energy sources that should be used by Islam to rejurenate and keep the world in harmony.

*this is awesome! thanx ustadz!*

*Kak Asma Amran told us about our MHI senior and their experiences*


*public speaking*
Afterwards, our night slot involved Pakcik Othman the owner of our location Kem Rimba Tamu as our presenter. The topic was 'Dangers of Smoking' and we were shown intimidating videos that outlined this topic well. It is a reminder to all of us to choose the right crowd of friends and that there are no benefits but endless disadvantages of smoking.



To our beloved parents, we thank you for sending us here and we miss you lots!


Intisaar Kaamilah Bt Budiman
Muhammad Syakir B. Abdul Wahab

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